Where are Wash ‘n Zip products manufactured and what is the country of origin for the materials?

Where are Wash ‘n Zip products manufactured and what is the country of origin for the materials?

I’m about as patriotic and pro-USA as you can find, but unfortunately, finding a domestic manufacturer has been a repeated dead end for me.   I wish that more people could see what I’ve seen in my quest to have our products made domestically, so please listen to my story.<br><br>

As you probably know, manufacturing overall in the USA has been decimated, but some industries have been hit harder than others.  It’s my experience that the sewing industry and the textile manufacturing industry are two that have been mostly eradicated.  Over the years, I have contacted numerous US sewing contractors, and few of them have even returned my calls.  Those that have responded have specifically told me I have almost no chance of having my product made domestically and some have specifically told me “you need to go to China for that.”  Even if they were manufactured domestically, the materials themselves would likely have to come from China.  Some sewing contractors have told me they don’t even have the quilting machine necessary to make our beds, so they don’t have the capability of manufacturing our product.

Even if there was some way to have our product made in the USA, I would likely have to double my prices, and how many people would be willing to purchase at those levels?

So in a nutshell, I have been persuaded by numerous advisors that China is my best choice for having our products made.  If it weren’t for China, I would not exist as a business.  I have sourced factories in India for our production, but have yet to see the same level of quality from those manufacturers.

Fortunately, the Chinese people I’ve worked with have been wonderful.  They are nice, service-oriented, and responsive.  The manufacturing quality has proven to be very good as evidenced by our 200+ customer testimonials (click HERE).  When we made 1500 Wash ‘n Zip Beds for Nestle Purina, they put us through a stringent quality assurance process and required that a full audit be performed on our factory to ensure that the work environments are satisfactory and the materials aren’t harmful.  We were the first pet bed company that passed Purina’s requirements and we earned them as a customer!!!  All materials are non-toxic to pets and are California Prop 65 compliant.

We are a small, growing, patriotic family business that supports numerous other U.S. businesses that provide services to our company.  I appreciate any American that believes strongly in “made in the USA.”  But please understand that small business owners like me are not the ones that have created our situation here in America, and I don’t feel it’s fair or wise to punish folks like us that are trying to pursue our dreams of entrepreneurship.  We’d love to have you as a customer so please let me know if I may answer any questions for you.  Thank you for listening!

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