Available Sizes & Colors

Occasionally, we are asked for advice on what size bed would be best for a certain pet.  The most common factor to consider is the pet’s weight; however, there are other things to consider…Is your pet long and slender, or heavy and compact?  Does your pet prefer to stretch out or curl up in a ball when sleeping?  Do you want to have plenty of additional room for your pet on their bed, or do they generally like to hang off the side of the bed?

Our best advice is to measure your current beds and compare the sizes to ours.  If that’s not an option, try stretching some tape on the floor in the shape of a rectangle to get an idea of how much space your pet would want as if they were laying on a bed, and measure that area so you can compare to our sizes.

For fitting in a PET CRATE, you should find that our Wash ‘n Zips may not be a perfect fit, but they will be close enough for virtually every crate on the market.  Some customers intentionally purchased a Wash ‘n Zip that is smaller than their crate in order to accommodate a bowl or other item.  Other customers have intentionally purchased a Wash ‘n Zip that is larger than their crate in order to have the bed sides curl up on the sides to form a “bolster.”  So fitting in a crate is largely a matter of preference.

You may also want to look at our “Our Customers” page to find pets that compare to yours.  We have tried to list the bed size along with the picture and in some occasions, the weight of the dog.

The following link may also help with your decision: