Large dog owners have unique challenges…higher dog food bills, they take up more room on the couch, and large dog beds that you CAN’T FIT in a household washer/dryer!

The bigger the dog, the bigger the problem.  Fortunately, the Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed solves the problem because it unfolds into a blanket, and fits conveniently into a household washer/dryer.  It eliminates the need to wrestle with removable dog bed covers, and inner cushions that are too bulky to launder. Numerous large and extra-large dog enthusiasts have found the Wash ‘n Zip a relief to the frustrating challenge of keeping dog beds clean for their oversize pet. 

Here are some actual comments from customers who believe the Wash ‘n Zip is the BEST large dog bed available:

“It had been such a pain to take the covers off of our other large dog beds, and the inside material still smelled. I hope you’ve had continued success and thanks for making such an innovative product!“
-Meaghan, German Short-haired Pointer owner

“I already have 2 of your beds, a large and an extra large. These are the only dog beds that I can clean in my home washer. I really feel they are the cleanest beds available.”
-Barbara, German Shepherd owner

“I have two German Shepherds, one of whom has allergies and often develops an odor because of his allergies. Our GSD with allergies is also “super sized” so beds needs to be large. We have purchased MANY pet beds only to have to throw them out because we can only wash the cover.  We love the Wash ‘n Zips.  With our German Shepherds, we have to wash beds pretty often.  The Wash-n-Zip beds have held up well!“
-Marti, German Shepherd owner

“We have the Wash and Zip pet bed, large for our German shepard and it’s the BEST bed EVER!! I was throwing out bed after bed as my cat would occasionally show her ire by peeing on the dog bed – all other pet beds you can wash the COVER – well, what about when the pee (always) seeps through the cover – you have to throw away the whole thing! Now all we have to do is throw the whole thing in the wash and VOILA! Clean and Fluffy all over again. We use it in the car when traveling with dog and the back seat stays clean. LOVE IT!! Have washed it DOZENS of times!”
-Nancy, German Shepherd owner

“Bella, my 90 lb. golden had slept on a large dog bed, so it is really cumbersome and difficult to pull the padding out through the small opening on one end of the cover.  She has bad skin right now and I need to wash her cover often, and it is just ridiculous how long it takes me to pull it out and then put the cover back on.  I literally had to cut the foam on my previous bed!

Love the Wash ‘n Zip and so does Bella.  Wish I had known about these beds sooner.  Hate those foam filled things!  I ordered another of your beds so that we have one in our vacation home for her.  Other beds are getting donated!”
-Nancy, Golden Retriever owner

“I got the extra large for my Greyhounds.  They all ADORE it!!!!

I like the fact that it is multi-purpose. So easily portable – it could well be “Place” for those of you training  dogs.  This past week I have used it unfolded to give a soft cushion in the back of my van when I have the knobby kneed, long-legged Greys out for a ride.  I have also used it as a couch cover in its unfolded state.  I think it is brilliant for the older incontinent dogs – where bedding needs to be frequently washed.

It is SO easy to use and move about – my other big dog beds are much heavier and if one of them has an accident or chews something messy or throws up I have to wrestle off the cover and then the inside still has a smell. Usually the insides are NOT washable.  Then you have to wrestle the cover back ON again.  I adore the simplicity of this Wash ‘n Zip.   A really good new product and I wanted to share the information with you.”
Kate, Greyhound owner

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