“I purchased a medium Wash’n Zip Pet Bed and my dogs LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I have an older dachshund who has made that bed hers. I love being able to unzip the bed and put it in the washing machine and dryer.  That helps with flea control immensely.

I would HIGHLY recommend your pet beds to anyone. Please feel free to use me as a reference or testimonial, that would be a honor for me to tell others how AWESOME your pet beds are.”

-Robert – Goose Creek, SC

“As a dog trainer, I have seen a lot of pet beds, blankets and crate pads. None of them have ever been able to be cleaned as easily as this one. I love it, my Shepherd loves it, and it has really cut down on the aggravation of having that DOG smell around the house.

I highly recommend this product. I will also say that after I ordered it the owners/manufacturers went out of their way to make sure I got my product in a timely manner! You will love this bed, and so will your dogs.”

-Tracy – Orlando, FL

“I have now completely replaced all the other beds in the house and sometimes give these out as gifts!  I really like the ones I have…they are great and amazingly durable!

-Susan – Batavia, IL

“I recently threw out our third or fourth $30-$80 dog bed in a year and was just googling a dog bed that has a zipper option to wash since all the dog beds say machine washable but they are too big to actually fit in the washer without breaking it and you came up on Google.  Crossing my fingers this is the last dog bed we buy in a while!”

(And several weeks later after purchasing a 2nd Wash ‘n Zip): “Thanks Stan! We washed the one we just got recently and it worked great! Decided to get a bigger one for another room. Thanks again.”

-Sabrina – Kenneth City, FL

“This is the BEST pet bed ever! No more wishing it would get clean clear through. I LOVE IT! All of the dogs, and the cat, like the bed.  My one male has pretty much claimed it as his own. The puppies have given it a fair challenge. They are 5 months old now, and have dug at it, you know, trying to put it into their own personal configuration, plus a few grabbing with the teeth and rearranging it. It has had no ill consequences! I will NEVER buy a fluffy dog bed again!  A very quality product and great company!”

-Jan (professional breeder) – Lizella, GA

“I currently have four of your beds and my dogs love them!  Thank you so much for creating a dog bed that I can actually keep clean.  I have had them for several years and they still look great.”

-Linda – Lakeland, FL

“I had a bed from Costco and another brand name Kong that are a mess to take apart and clean. I have a boxer that is 12yrs old and has Spondylosis and recently having a few incontinent issues. On her current beds, only the cover is washable. I have tossed them and gave her a pile of crate pads to sleep on but I want her to have a softer bed. Your Facebook page came up so I went to your website, liked what I saw so ordered two. I bought the puppy outside because I also have a teething bulldog that loves to chew off zippers. Hopefully these beds hold up to the puppy and give my boxer a nice comfortable bed to live out her days as painfree and CLEAN as possible.”

(And a few weeks later): “Your beds are FABULOUS! My pups absolutely LOVE them. The minute I set them down my young Loki payed right down and snuggled up. They just instinctively knew they had new beds. ❤️❤️😊🐾.  I couldn’t be more happy with the construction and comfort of these beds. Plus an added bonus that I can wash them!!!!
Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!”

-Shannon – Kent, WA

“So excited about your product – it is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!!!!  It is the BEST pet bed in the market and I have tried a lot of them!  Not only do I love them but my dog does too!!! She gets pretty cranky when I have to wash it – she doesn’t like being without it. I actually was recommending your product to a friend of mine at work the other day!  I’m saving up to get 2 more (we need one for all of our dog’s favorite rooms in the house lol).

-Megan – Moorpark, CA

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am that I found your Wash ‘n Zip pet bed. We have a really sweet older doberman that has had incontinence since she was fixed about 11 years ago. We try our best to control her incontinence with medication, but it doesn’t stop the leaking completely. Over the years I have spent a small fortune on dog beds that just got ruined after a short amount of time. We recently bought a new home and I was determined to find a solution for the dog bed problem before we moved into our new home. After purchasing your product our pet bed problems are solved forever! It is so nice for my doggie to always have a fresh and clean dog bed and she really appreciates it. She actually “tells” us when it is time to wash her bed by refusing to lay down on it. We usually wash the bed every other day if not every day and your bed holds up well even with this frequent washing and is so easy to wash and zip back together. Thanks again for your excellent customer service and innovative product. I will be a customer for life.”

-Damon – Austin, TX

“Would never buy any other pet bed BUT Wash’n Zip Pet Bed – World’s Cleanest Pet Bed!”

-Amy – Ridgway, CO

“Your dog bed design is the best I’ve ever used.  It washed well.  I would be glad to advocate it.

-Anna (professional breeder) – Kershaw, SC

“The two beds arrived last week and Bella and Louie love them (as do I ).  I can’t tell you how many doggie beds I’ve had to toss because they couldn’t be washed. I want my bubbas (both are little Havanese) to always have clean beds and now they can!  Thank you for your wonderful invention.  Wishing you much continued success.”

-Ruth – Rochester, NY

“This is the BEST BED EVER & we are so glad we ordered from you.  Thank you for making an excellent product!”

-Paula – Thousand Oaks, CA

“LOVE having washable dog beds and I’m really impressed with the quality/workmanship of your beds so thanks for making them! Whenever I have dog parent friends or family over, I give them a demo of the Wash ‘n Zip beds because they are so cool!!”

-Jill – Austin, TX

“Thank you to the amazing Wash ‘n Zip people…. amazing product …first class service and communication … Harry adores his bed, however so do Zygi and Charly … looks like you may have 2 more international happy customers!!! Thanks for designing a superb quality bed!!!”

-Maggie – Londonderry, UK

“These are the best! I’m ordering another – plus the puppy covers – because I had my newest pup chew one end where the zipper is. It still works, but I’m going to be smarter with this one. It will give me one to change out, too. I love the ease of washing. Best bed ever!”

-Darlene – Prosper, TX

“These are the best beds, and Stan gives the best customer service! My dogs love their bed!!!!”

-Sandra – Solon, OH

“I received my order and wanted to tell you that I am a puppy proofer fan!  We have 6 dogs now and 3 cats!  We do a lot of volunteer work at our local shelter and fall in love easily.

One of our dogs is a pure breed Bull Mastiff ( from the shelter ) who is a little over a year who likes to “fluff” his beds and has broken a zipper or two, and the Puppy Proofer has really held the beds together! And does help so we don’t have to wash
the beds as often! Great beds and a great idea! I’m a fan!”

-Kerry – Cleveland, GA

“We just love our Wash ’n Zip beds! All three of them have been washed and washed and washed, and even though the oldest is probably 4 years old or more, they all look great! I recommend them to all of my dog-owning friends.  I think I bought my first one in 2013 – and even though it’s been washed countless times, it still looks as good as new!  I’ve never had dog beds last this long!”

-Karen – Manhattan, KS

“This pet bed is such a great idea! We’ve spend hundreds on pet beds for our Great Dane, Juno, and they get worn out and dirty so quickly. This will make things so much easier and cleaner for us. Thank you so much!”

-Lauren – Booneville, NC

“We have three for our two dogs. They love them. This a great high quality product.”

-Jack – Cortez, CO

“Our dog LOVES his Wash ‘n Zip. My sister bought him a second one.  In addition to my dog’s general love of this, I have found it very easy to wash.  Kudos! Fantastic product. Far superior in our experience to the conventional dog beds. We will likely order replacements when needed.”

-Meghan – Boston, MA

“I had spent a lot of time looking for durable beds for my one year old pit bull puppy who loves to chew and eat the fuzz in her bed, but aside from the recommended ones being pricey, they still didn’t seem easy to clean which is something I dislike about her current bed.

After reading your testimonials, we decided to the Wash ‘n Zip a try (hoping the Puppy Proofer works!)   Our puppy, Dany, loves her Wash’n Zip Bed. She only moved from it once or twice the first evening she got it! It’s so nice being able to wash everything which is great for her sensitive skin. And, while she has done some damage to the Puppy Proofer, as her bed doubles as a toy and a place to rest in her mind, the bed is still intact and we’re happy we made the investment! Thank you!”

-Briana – Plainfield, IL

“I truly love your beds soooo much & wouldn’t go anywhere else.  Thank you for such awesome customer service…you guys are the best!!!

5 paws up!!!
I have purchased pet beds from this company for several years & no other bed out there compares!!

I ordered a new one yesterday and they went above & beyond & surprised me with something that shows that they truly value their customers! Exceptional service so they have a customer for life with me! Thank you soo much!!!”

-Laurie – Sugar Hill, GA

“Great dog bed! My dog loves it. And I like it so much as it’s so easy to clean! This is the best dog bed ever!”

-Yoshi – Maple Valley, WA

“ABSOLUTELY THE BEST BED I HAVE EVER USED OR SEEN! I washed Gracie’s Wash ‘n Zip bed for the second time yesterday.  So simple!  Unzipped it, washed it as directed, dried it as directed, and it folded right back into shape, easily zipped back into her bed!  NO WADDING!  We recently threw away her old bed because I had tried to wash it for the last time but the stuffing turned into a blob.  And it was so warped it was unusable.


Like I said before…..y’all need to be thinking global with this bed!!!!  You guys need to take this thing on “Shark Tank!!!  LOL.   I’ve given your website to all the folks at my work as well as family and friends.  Thank you guys so much!”

-Sharon – Panama City, FL

“You created an amazing product!  Thank you!”

-Rachelle – Beverly Hills, CA

“I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful and easy-to-use product!  We bought two for our 2 border collies and one border collie cross.  But she found one of the beds “comfortable” enough to relieve her bladder so the new bed needed to be washed. How wonderful to be able to put it in the washer and dryer and have it come out looking and smelling fresh and clean… and looking like new! Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming up with such a great product! We will be buying a new one for her; and three more for our RV….

And, I will recommend your product to all of my “dog” friends!!

-Fran – Pahrump, NV

“We are great publicity for your company- we always tell people about the product.  Couldn’t be happier with the Wash’n Zip pet bed.  It is in our kitchen and Maddie uses it everyday. It is perfect.  Our 4 grandchildren love to tell Maddie to go to her “place.” It’s a superior product and having had dogs for so many years we have plenty of background knowledge.

-Cheryl – Oak Park, IL

“It’s wonderful!  We love it.  SUCH a great product!

-Lindsey – Silverdale, WA

“I own a total of 3 of your dog beds. I love that I can just throw them in the wash. My first bulldog would often mark her bed because she was anxious and insecure when I first rescued her. She’s a happy girl now and no more marking but the beds still get washed weekly.  Many of the dogs going through rescue have not been properly potty trained so the foster parents have to do that training. I’ve seen many senior bulldogs go through the rescue group and incontinence is always a concern for older dogs.

-Rebecca – Denton, TX

“I bought the large bed for my three dogs. They fit on it perfectly. They love the bed.  This is the best bed I have bought for my dogs. One of my dogs has trouble with incontinence so I have to wash the bed frequently. This bed continues to look as good as new after many washes. I also want to say the customer service you provide is outstanding. You have been very responsive to questions and requests!  Thanks for a wonderful bed.

-Kelly – Merrimac, MA

“Your pet beds are a hit in this household. LOL.   Now I have beds for them in the house and for the car. I’m all set.  Even my Border Collie loves this bed. This is one dog that would never sleep on a bed. Too funny.  I’d been looking for some beds for my critters, but have not found what they would like until now!!!!!  I’m thrilled that I found your beds for them.  They are being used every day and the dogs still love them.  I will be letting everybody I know about them.

-Margret – Palm Bay, FL

“My golden, Bella, loves your bed! I had to get her another one for her crate 🙂
And I tell anyone that will listen about the Wash ‘n Zip bed! I’ve had Bella’s first one 3 years, I wash it once a month and it still looks as good as it did the day I got it!! So thanks for making a dog bed that LASTS.

-Amy – Cumming, GA

“I have a 12 year old female German Shepherd who has nightly incontinence that medication doesn’t cure. I just throw her bed in the wash in the morning, and an hour later I zip it up and it’s good to go.

-Linnaea – Rhinelander, WI

“These beds are perfect.  I love them!  I have a dog that is allergic to dust mites of all things. lol.  I can wash them to remove the dust mites, but was unable to do this with other beds and get them completely clean.  My first Wash ‘n Zip has been washed multiple times and I’ve never had a problem with the zipper getting stuck or not working properly.  My dogs love the beds, too!

-Gail – Cedartown, GA

“It seems that you have come up with the most useful dog bed ever. After spending a fortune on numerous options over the years, we had resorted to old single bed quilts but they look an eyesore.

Everything is going well with our Wash ‘n Zips. They look as new as the day they were delivered, and they are so easy to clean between washings.

You are definitely onto a winner.”

-Jan – West Lakes, South Australia

“Still loving the Wash ‘n Zip! It has held up through numerous washings.   I have told so many people about Wash n Zip and how great the product is.”

-Margo- Langley, British Columbia, Canada

“I originally purchased one of these beds for my personal dog, Tank. Of all things, it was discovered that he was allergic to dust mites and constantly had hot spots and skin issues!! All of the large dog pet beds I found could not be adequately cleaned……Until I stumbled upon the Wash n Zip pet beds. Now we are no longer dealing with the hot spots. His skin is now healthy and his coat is luxurious!!”

-Gail – Cedartown, GA

“Our dog Phoebe loves her Wash ‘n Zip! I love how easy it is to clean, thanks for making such a great product!!”

-Rebecca – Williamsburg, VA

“Genius idea!!!  I can honestly say that the Wash ‘n Zip is the best dog bed we have ever owned. Sometimes he will go lay down in his crate instead of the other dog bed we have sitting out for him! It has held up beautifully after several washings. I’m SO glad we bought it!!”

-Amy – Midlothia, TX

“Just ordered my third and fourth beds – these for outside.  The first two are used inside. Couldn’t ask for a more functional bed. The easy-to-launder ability puts Wash ‘n Zip at the top of all the dog beds I have tried over the past fifty years. Thanks for a great product! ”

-John – Hamilton, Montana

“I have four large Greyhounds, and have had the breed for 25 years. I’m always on a quest to find well padded, washable beds. For years I have used the Big Shrimpy beds, which I like, and the dogs love because of the bolsters, but they get very stinky fast with four dogs.

I saw a FB post from one of the Greyhound rescue groups I follow, saying yours was the best bed. So, I’m giving them a try!   Things are going well with the beds! They make a nice cover for the back of the SUV!  I’ve recommended them to others as well. It’s so wonderful to be able to stick two at a time in the washer and dryer as I wash beds constantly. Thanks for great customer service, and follow up!”

-Jennifer – Cincinnati, OH

“My little puppy mill dog, Vivi LOVES her Wash and zip. There have been times when she has been so adamant about staying on the bed that I had to drag her ON the bed into the kitchen so I could leave the house!  I love it too!”

-Melissa – Mt. Tabor, NJ

“Thanks for your awesome invention!  Everything is still great with our Wash ‘n Zips! Actually, last year, we adopted a second rescue dog and bought another of your beds. Both beds are still going strong despite daily use (the dogs sleep on them every night), several “accidents” from the puppy, and quite a few washings.  Couldn’t be more pleased, and will happily recommend them, should anyone I know need a pet bed.”

-Eve – Bothell, WA

“I have told everyone I know about the product.

We do some traveling with our 3 dogs and it is nice to have a bed for the car, that can be stowed to take very little room, open one up on the seat and leave one folded as a bed. Also, the fact that they work in crates, makes it a plus.

Everyone who sees it loved the idea.”

-Aaron – Apollo Beach, FL

“My schnauzer always slept on a round, puffy bed so I wasn’t sure he’d take to the Wash ‘n Zip, but he seems to like it very much! He has some skin issues and we’re hoping that washing his bed more often might help. The third Wash ‘n Zip is to put over his car seat :).  I love how easy they are to wash.  Thank you for making such a fine product. What a great innovation!”

-Vivian – Croton on Hudson, NY

“The Wash ‘n Zip we bought is still working fine. It usually gets washed every other week, and it zips back together with no problems.  It’s performed as advertised and Moose & Maggie are totally happy with their bed.”

-John – Phoenix, AZ

“Absolutely love the beds and so do my dogs!   I did a google search looking to find a pet bed that could be washed and your site came up. I was really tired of the pet beds that claim to be washable but the actual padding is not and ends up smelling like “dog” after no time. Febreeze just can’t mask that odor for long.”

-Tracy – Dauphin Island, AL

“I have 4 of your beds and recommend them to everyone!  It is a pleasure to recommend such a fine product! We’ve had ours for years and they still look like new! I have a large capacity washer and can wash all 4 at the same time. No shrinkage so rezipping them out of the dryer is not a struggle.  Our cat enjoyed them and even his “kneading” didn’t damage the fleece side.”

-Eugenia – Milton, VT

“I bought one of your beds In November 2015.  It’s been great.  My dog loves it and enjoys nesting with it. I love, love how easy it is to clean.  In fact, it’s in the washer right now after he had some tummy trouble this morning.  It’s the easiest to clean of any bed I’ve tried.  And it is so sturdy and resilient.”

-Penny – Champaign, IL

“I have purchased three of your pet beds in the past, and they are fantastic! Finally, we can be sure the pet beds are really getting clean.

-Patricia – Twin Falls, ID

“We love our Wash ‘n Zips! Had to take the inserts out while Baron was still potty training. He thought Journey’s was a perfect place to go. Ugh. Fortunately, being fully washable we were able to get Journey’s bed back for her quickly.

We have them in our family room, which is where we hang out most evenings. Each dog has their own place, and they definitely know which bed is whose.

And talk about durable! Baron nests and chews and tugs and wrestles with his bed. Not that we encourage him, but sometimes when we’re not in the room he goes to it. His bed is still good as new!

-Jolynn – Eden Prarie, MN

“You have restored my faith in People and customer service!  We love our Wash ‘N Zip.  I tell everyone to get one and that your customer service is The best EVER.

-Trish – Memphis, MI

“I love your beds. This is my 4th one.  Thanks for coming up with such a great invention!

-Barbara – Beverly Hills, FL

“We’re all still loving the beds. Big dog loves his, 17 year old cat loves his — we love them both because they’re so easy to wash. Just Makes sense. Clean, comfy and easy.

We had been using an LL Bean, but the bolsters were so difficult to take apart to wash, and awful to put back together. With the Wash n’ Zip it’s simple to give them a fresh bed every week. Nice looking, soft. Bought the extra insert for the dog’s. Thank you for shipping to quickly — rec’d them fast.

-Alice – Millbrook, NY

“My wife is a vet tech and received a sample of your product and fell in LOVE with it immediately. With three dogs of different sizes, we thought this will be the way to go, especially since the smallest of the three has a habit of “going” on the bed, and the fact that the entire bed is machine washable was a key selling point. We’ve already replaced two because of that problem, because as you said, with all other beds only the cover can be washed, leaving the padding soiled.  both us and the dogs are loving the Wash ‘n Zips.  It’s held up great, and we’ve told everyone about it. Hopefully we’ve sent some orders your way. Couldn’t be happier with it!

-Derik – Redkey, IN

“Customer service at Wash’n Zip Pet Bed – world’s cleanest pet bed is tremendous. Recommend this product and company to every pet owner I know!!

-Chris – San Jose, CA

“Love your product!  This is our fourth bed!

-Kay – Winchester, CA

“My girls love their beds and the additional padding in them. I had one that I purchased about 2 years ago. We have since expanded our family and they were always jockeying for it so I decide to get them their own!

-Joliona – Fort Walton Beach, FL

“These are the best. Am telling friends about them. Am getting the smaller size for her crate. My Simone just loves the bed. Ingenious idea!

-Ann – Alexandria, VA

“The Wash ‘n Zip is going great. It has held up fantastically with our German short-haired pointer that loves to paw at the bed with his big feet and nails – no tears at all. Very impressive!! Any other beds would have been destroyed. It had been such a pain to take the covers off of our other large dog beds, and the inside material still smelled. I hope you’ve had continued success and thanks for making such an innovative product!

-Meaghan – Highland, NY

“We love your dog beds so much! We now only use them and no other bed at our house!

-Elizabeth – Highland Village, TX

“We still have the beds and they are holding up great. Our Great Danes Marmalade and Bojangles love them.  With an older dog, the ability to throw these in the washer is invaluable. Thanks again for such a great product!

-Maggie – Little Rock, AR

“You have customers for life!!  One of our dogs got sick on her old bed and it soaked through to the part I couldn’t wash. Tired of throwing dog beds away, I googled “easy to wash dog bed.” Yours showed up about 3 or 4 down and after watching the video, I was in love!  Now we’re buying our 4th and 5th Wash ‘n Zip from you!”

-Andria – Minot, ND

“My Wash’ n Zip products have held up very well….I’m so glad that I came across your pet bed at Bark Ave. Pet Resort in Jacksonville.  I enjoyed having quality pet beds for Sophie and Buddy…even took them to Bark Ave Pet Resort when my pets had to be boarded. They washed and dried well and continued to look the way they did when I purchased them.  Wish I had found Wash’n Zip years earlier…for Sophie and Buddy to enjoy–but the fact remains that I did find them!!”

-Alice – Jacksonville, FL

“Love your beds. Brie uses them all the time. They are perfect. Doesn’t smell because everything is washable. She sometimes sleeps under them instead of on top. LOL ”

-Barbara – Beverly Hills, FL

“I already have 2 of your beds, a large and an extra large. These are the only dog beds that I can clean in my home washer. I really feel they are the cleanest beds available.

I bought the previous beds about 2 years ago and they are still in very good condition.

Thanks for the quality product.”

-Barbara – Hereford, AZ

“I have to take my 2 Greyhounds to the kennel, and was told if I bring my own dog bedding it must be sturdy enough to stand the washing and drying the beds will get each day.  They are commercial washer and dryers so it may be very hot water and heat to dry.  I need bedding that will give the dogs some support but will also be able to be washed daily.

I have taken Wash N Zip to the kennel several times and they have come back in perfect shape.  I love being able to wash them and not worry about how they will come out after being washed and dried.”

-Betsy – San Dimas, CA

“Thorton loves his new bed.  Thanks for helping me find a way to keep my boy clean and comfortable in his golden years.   We are both resting better.

-Vickie – Orlando, FL

“These are the best beds ever! My dogs love sleeping on them and I love how easy they are to clean!”

-Cathy – Jewett City, CT

“I have two German Shepherds, one of whom has allergies and often develops an odor because of his allergies. Our GSD with allergies is also “super sized” so beds needs to be large. We have purchased MANY pet beds only to have to throw them out because we can only wash the cover.  We love the Wash ‘n Zips.  With our German Shepherds, we have to wash beds pretty often.  The Wash-n-Zip beds have held up well!

-Marti – Fleming Island, FL

“I would just like to express how much I love the beds for my boys.  I have 2 Italian Greyhounds, one of them seems to always not be able to hold it!  They are seniors 10 & 11.  I purchased 2 beds about 2 yrs ago at the pet expo here in Tampa.  I have washed them so many times over the 2 year period and the are just holding up great!  Thank you again!

-Teri – Tampa, FL

“I have a 13 year old beagle named Tragedy and every time I buy him a new bed, my cat pee’s on it. My vet told us he probably doesn’t like the scent on the new beds so he decides he is going to put his scent on them. All the other beds only the cover comes off as you know so I have thrown away a lot of them.  My dog loves his bed and I love being able to wash it. He even shares it with my cat and the cat hasn’t peed on it so it’s working out great. ”

-Nicole – Iselen, NJ

I love these beds. My greyhound won’t lay down without a bed to lay on. I take this with me in the car and even to outdoor restaurants to make him comfortable. I also use it in his crate. I can’t tell you how wonderful these beds are. The best!!!!!

-Ellen – Raleigh, NC

“Both my dogs and I absolutely LOVE your Wash ‘n Zip pet beds. I have washed them several times and they always come out smelling clean and looking brand new.  There is zero fading, pilling, or matting in the fabric. You have designed a very fine product. I wish I had thought of it first! :)”

-Susan- Kingwood, TX

“Best pet beds ever! We bought them for both our dogs 4 years ago, and we wash them at least once a week and they are finally wearing out. They really are the best!

-Stefanie – Deland, FL

“I was at my Vet’s office and in the waiting room, one of your displays was in the corner. I think I had seen it before, but had thought that your product was the same old foam filled beds that I have seen many times before. This time, however, I had a seat right next to your display and, out of boredom, I looked at the label on your pet bed and saw how ingenious it really is. Most foam filled pet beds do have zip off covers that one can wash, but that still leaves the smelly foam or cedar innards to remain uncleanable. Obviously, yours is very different.  We still own two of your fabulous beds and they have endured many washings and are still as great as ever.

-Dona – Merritt Island, FL

“We love the Wash ‘n Zips, especially the ease of washing and drying. They served us very well for many washings when Ciara was here – many of her seizures, and consequent urination during seizing occurred on the beds. It was so nice to be able to wash them and have them come out in such perfect condition.

-Kathie – Overland Park, KS

“Everything is wonderful with Gigi’s Wash ‘n Zip.  She loves it. I have it on her special chair which is a chaise which she loves. I am remodeling my bedroom and master bathroom and Gigi has to be in a gigantic crate I borrowed since the worker will be in and out the front door all day. I took her favorite wash’n zip bed and put in the crate and she’s right home.  It is an excellent product and washes so nicely and dries like a dream.

-Susan – Orlando, FL

“We used to go through about 4 beds a year for our bigger dogs who spend the night inside while in their crates.   Our Wash ‘n Zips are working out so well! We wash them every 2 weeks and they look like new. We have already saved money by not having to replace them so frequently. We love them!

-Sarah – Harlingen, TX

“Lucy and Lady love their Wash ‘n Zips.  This is the first time BOTH of them have willingly slept on a bed together.   One usually sleeps on the floor beside the other. We LOVE the bed and recommend you to everyone we talk to!

-Katy – Hahira, GA

“The bed’s great.  My dog loves it and so do I.  The bed’s been washed lots of times and looks great. No problems whatsoever.  I’m so glad I found your bed.  We’ve had lots of beds through the years for various dogs.  This is the best one.  Thanks so much for your creativity and ingenuity. Keep up the good work.

-Joy – Los Lunas, NM

“I accidentally discovered your beds when I was shopping for low odor beds for my two Great Danes.  The criteria was tough.  They had to be washable, thick enough for my two giants and easy to move around.

I now own four of them.

Our Danes work full days with us and they make good use of their beds but the foam kind smell so bad after a while that I have to toss them – even after washing and treating the foam.  What a waste of money.  I have purchased so many dog beds over the years but I believe yours are the winners!

Thanks for creating a simple solution to a stinky problem.

p.s.  Also won’t miss the weekly wrestling matches trying to get the newly cleaned covers back onto the foam style beds.  Like wrestling a greased pig.  Ha!”

-Roslyn – Clearwater, FL

“I just had to tell you guys that you have the BEST beds ever. I bought 3 in Ocala. I just washed them all yesterday and when I took those beds out of the washer, dog hairs were gone and they came out beautifully.  They are fantastic. I will be ordering 3 more in the next few days.”

-Susan – Collierville, TN

“I found you through a google search.  It was the only bed you can completely wash and that’s what I was looking for.  The beds are amazing. They are still like new. The best pet bed we’ve ever owned. ”

-James – Elverson, PA

“These are wonderful if you have an older dog who has accidents. I no longer have to throw beds out because they can’t be cleaned very well and I don’t stress over the accidents since it’s so easy to wash.

-Jennifer- Henrico, VA

“The dogs love them! And easy to wash as well.

-Jason – Sarasota, FL

“My dogs love their beds! Elvis, my schnauzer, never would sleep on any kind of bed and yet he has not tried to remove this bed from his crate or move it to one side. He really enjoys it! All my little dogs have done great with them!  It’s WONDERFUL to just throw them in the washer and dryer and have a clean house again! And no fluff all over the place!!!

-Lisa – Royse City, TX

“The bed is a big hit! I nonchalantly threw the bed on my bed and left the room. Walked in my bedroom 5 minutes later and Tucker was fast asleep on his new bed.  He hasn’t moved for over 2 hrs!  I’m very impressed with quality of the bed and now see why it’s more expensive than most beds. Seeing it online doesn’t totally do it justice. Good luck on getting this special bed in some high end pet stores.”

-Sandra – Winter Park, FL

“Bear, Our 11 year old Rottweiler mix recently had his leg amputated due to bone cancer and the Wash’n Zip bed has been a big help in his recovery. I plan to use both beds on a regular basis as the large one fits inside his crate and both will be used in my SUV when we are traveling.  I have recommended your product to others (my father got one for his dog in Tennessee) and am still very happy with my purchase.  Again thanks very much for a great product!”

-Jim- Fremont, OH

“This is our second order!  Our Bassets have slept on a Wash ‘n Zip bed since 2014.
Thank you for this product!”

-Karol – Albuquerque, NM

“We had previously ordered two of these beds and wanted another for our living room. I don’t remember how we originally found out about your product, but it is genius.  Our dogs sometimes pee on their beds and anything with styrofoam or filling was impossible to completely clean.  Your product is amazing.”

-Rex – Phoenix, AZ

“I am kind of a clean freak and honestly tired of trying to re-stuff a dirty piece of foam back into a nicely washed cover for the current dog bed we have.  I wanted something that is easily washable and good to go without a lot of wrestling involved. We have unzipped it and washed it once… and it goes back together SO easy. It’s JUST what we were looking for. We are very happy with it.

-Evette – Peoria, AZ

“Received the bed. Unfortunately my cat likes it too and since he is bigger (22+ pounds) he takes it over so my little dogs (both under 10 lbs) can’t use it.   All 3 of them have been washed several times – works like a champ and the dogs and cats love them.

-Shirley – Waverly, IL

“LOVE LOVE LOVE Wash’n Zip beds!!!! The dogs LOVE them too!!!.

-Cindy – Lawton, OK

“Your Wash ‘n Zip beds were just what we needed. We have a cat that sometimes has “accidents” on our greyhounds’ beds and having these sure makes it easy on everyone! Everyone who wants the perfect dog bed should know about yours! Thanks for a super product.”

-Jeanne – Cranston, RI

“We received our Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed on Friday, and we are thrilled with it! Bailee, our 8 month old chocolate lab, rested on it as soon as we put it in the floor and didn’t get up for the evening. She loves it!

We got to test out the “washability” the next morning as Bailee had very bad diarrhea overnight. We cleaned it up as best we could, put the bed in the washing machine, and it came out looking brand new. To me, it’s already saved me $50+ with that one washing!  We cannot say enough positive things about this product. We were afraid that it would not dry well in the dryer or would take several cycles, but those fears were put to rest immediately. It came out of the washer and dryer as fluffy and soft as when it was received, well-dried and ready to use.

Thank you so much for this wonderful product. Bailee is happy, and so are we!”

-Caron – Liverpool, NY

“Thanks you guys. Annie and Kelly love your beds, and i love how they’re easy to wash and dry and are so well made.”

-Celia – Benson, AZ

“I’d like to take this opportunity to write to you to tell you how much “Murphy” and I love your Washnzip pet beds.

Murphy is a Samoyed mix, about 75 pounds, who is very arthritic.  He has never liked dog beds that are foam-based thick pads, and that’s especially true now that he is 14-1/2 and he is very arthritic.  When I saw your product, I had to try it.  Once I placed it on the floor, he came over and stood on it!  That’s something he had never done with our other pet beds — he will walk around them (and when he was younger, jumped over them) just to avoid having to walk across them.  Within minutes of having placed the pad on the floor, he laid down.

Since he is always in the office with me when I’m at the computer, I bought a second one to put next to my chair.  He will sleep there for hours on end on his “special” bed.

Our problem now has been that our other dog, Zoe, a 7-year-old mix, loves these beds also; and when Murphy is not laying on one of them, she sneaks in and takes a nap on one of his beds.  He will search me out and bark at me until I discover the problem and I chase Zoe off of his bed.

So . . . of course, now Zoe is getting her own Washnzip bed!

I love this product!  It’s so quick and easy to wash — no having to take the cover off and then fight to get it back on the pad.

Thank you so much — you are life-savers! (Murphy thanks you, too!)”

-Linda – Fenton, MI

“I bought one of the beds for my 12 year old border collie, Cammie, to test it out. She loved the bed and so do I.  It unzips to be an easily-washable blanket and then just zips back up. So I’m buying 3 more today so both Cammie and 9 year old Digit will both have beds at home and at the office. So nice to know I won’t have to be embarrassed by smelly pet beds anymore. Now we’re all happy.”

-Nina – Writghtsville Beach, NC

“LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!  We have a small older rescue dog who’s always had urinary issues.  Can’t tell you how many different beds we’ve bought & tossed or re-stuffed.  This bed is THE GREATEST. She is happy with the bed and so are we! A major invention for dog owners-I THANK YOU EVERY TIME I WASH IT!!!


“Just a quick note to let you know our greyhounds love lounging on the Wash ‘n Zip bed! There are many beds throughout the house, yet they choose to share or out-maneuver each other to claim a stake on the bed!

Over the years, I have had dozens of dog beds and am now convinced that these are the best! I’m so glad we found you!”

-Barbara – Illinois

“What an awesome product!!! I looked at this product for months before finally purchasing. I  love everything about it. It is well made and well worth the cost. No more loose stuffing all over the house from removable cover beds that fell apart within a few weeks. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!”

-Irene – Muskegon, MI

“This is the best dog bed EVER!!!”

-Kathy – Medina, OH

“We just received our new Wash N Zip doggie beds today!  We can’t thank you both enough for creating such an excellent product.  The 2 beds we got from you a few years ago are still in great shape, despite being washed countless times.   Our fur-babies love them and so do we!  Thank you again for the personal service and “paying it forward” to help rescue groups.  We wish you the best success with your business and will continue to spread the word!”

-Sharon – Tampa, FL

“I really like the ones I have..they are great!  I have gradually gotten rid of all the other pads I have and are left with yours and they are amazingly durable!”

-Susan – Batavia, IL

“I think they are fantastic!  Our 2 Westies love their Wash ‘n Zip beds. They fit in their Kennel Cabs beautifully.  They wash well and the Westies love them much more than old towels!!!


-Pamela – Ottawa, ON, Canada

“We couldn’t be happier. Being able to wash the bed easily keeps it smelling fresh.”

-Michael – Canton, GA

“The beds are working out great!  I have 3 senior dogs and we have intermittent issues with leaking urine in their sleep.  The beds are so easy to wash.  It makes keeping the house clean so much easier – Thank you for a great product!”

-Pam – Boca Raton, FL

“I LOVE these beds. I’ve had mine for well over a year. They hold up beautifully, clean well without bunching up and my dogs love and seek them out where ever i put them down. They are very versatile and extremely well made. They still look brand new after each washing. Great product value and worthwhile investment.”

-Mary – Carpentersville, IL

“I think our Basset Hound Bonnie loves her Wash ‘n Zip as much as I do. I can’t tell you how many beds I went through because I couldn’t clean them properly. It got to the point that I eventually quit buying them for her…until now! Your design is ingenious and just what we needed, so thank you very much.”

-Betsy – Vancouver, WA

“We have two large dogs, both in the senior age category.  We have washed these beds 2-3 times a week–they have been a life saver in keeping the house and doggie environment clean and healthy. Great product!!!”

-Barbara – Carmel, IN

“It is a pleasure ordering from you folks. Our first bed has been such a hit we had to get another one. Love your product.”

-Dawn – Sioux Falls, SD

“I was very frustrated with finding a good bed for my dogs. My stepdaughter is allergic to animal dander (as am I), so I wanted to find a dog bed that was easy to wash to help minimize the allergens in the house. I typed “best washable dog bed” into a google search, and yours was the third link. I watched the video and I was sold…Love the beds!”

-Paola – Gainesville, FL

“Our Izzie has never liked thunderstorms.  This week, we had a thunder boomer and the poor girl soiled her crate.  I felt so sorry for her.

OUT went all of the soiled crate bedding:  The “washable” items turned out to not be.

This morning I googled “washable dog beds” and Wash ‘n Zip was number  four on the scroll-down, but the first link I clicked.  The other links were so not-washable.

Now, we are LOVING the Wash N Zip!!  Izzie has had two accidents in her crate since we have gotten the Wash N Zip (Nighttime Spring Thunderstorms! Boooo!) and although it’s been a challenge with the accidents, it has been SO MUCH BETTER to clean up with the Wash N Zip bedding.  It’s also thick enough to accommodate Izzie the Greyhound’s need for some padding, her elbows get a little rough with cheaper bedding, but the Wash N Zip is great, allowing her to be comfy and not have sore elbows.  I am utterly thrilled with it and I’m telling all my doggie friends.  THANK YOU!!!!!!”

-Kelly – Anderson, SC

“I would like to order two more Large Wash n Zips, one LEOPARD, and one SHERPA.  Have I mentioned that these are the best dog beds on the market??!!”

-Cynthia – Seminole, FL

“Fresh out of the box, Meatball is loving his new Wash ’N Zip! And I am loving that I will be able to wash the entire bed instead of dealing with a un-washable stinky foam insert like I did with all of his previous beds. Thanks a bunch!”

-Sarah – Long Beach, MS

“I just bought several…we’ve had one for a little while and we ALL like it….the dogs like the “cush” and I like the ease of washing! Great product!”

(and four weeks later)…”I’ve ordered 5 more because my resident dogs and foster dogs can’t get enough of these beds (and I love them because they are so easy to clean!)”

-Jane – Newcastle, CA

“Bailey loves her bed. Big joke in the house is how I do an infomercial every time I tell anyone about it…“Look – its a wash and zip – you just zip….and wash!” Kids think I am nuts.  And you have excellent customer service – a big plus in this day and age!”

-Wendy – Fountain Lakes, NJ

“I wanted to let you know how much Tonka, our 4 year old Labrador retriever is enjoying his bed.  Tonka has gone through quite a few dog beds in his young life with  most of them being chewed up or the stuffing being pulled out.   I loved the concept of the wash-n-zip when I saw it at the AKC – Eukanuba dog championship and bought it for Tonka for Christmas.  Once we had it out, Tonka immediately went to it and laid down, I can move it to any space and he knows that’s his “couch”.  He has never really liked a bed well enough to sleep on, it was always our bed or the couch and this one he just loves!  I was thrilled at how well it did wash and wear.”

-Cheryl – Cincinnati, OH

“I just unzipped, washed, dried and rezipped my two girls beds for the first time!! Easy Peasy!!  They are great!!  Thank you!!”

-Rita – Litchfield Park, AZ

“I learned about Wash’n Zip through CBHR (Carolina Basset Hound Rescue).  I have greyhounds & they destroy beds.  I watched the video & decided to give it a try – some of the best money I’ve spent.  My dogs love to nest & could dig a hole through to China if they tried a bit harder.  🙂  They love the bed; I love the bed!  It doesn’t show dirt; it’s easy to clean, and it looks brand new when washed.  The fact that it’s so mobile is another plus….I keep it in the living room during the day and move it on top of a rectangular bed at night.  The boys kind of take turns with it – just depends who gets to it first.”

“LOVE these beds!  They are everything you advertise and more.  My greys are always trying to be first to the bed, which is why I’m ordering another.  🙂  Wash ‘n Zip…GREYT product!”

-Christie – Anderson, SC

“Hi, Stan! We are loving our new bed! We’ve washed it several times. It is holding up great.  Love the versatility and the fact that the entire bed is washable. ”

-Terri – Chestertown, MD

“How do I send you a photo of my dog on his new (and wonderful) bed?  I am so happy with the bed. In addition to using it at home, I roll it up, fasten with some big rubber twist ties and take it with when we visit my Mom. As I am writing this, my dog is out cold on the bed. Thanks for this very clever product.”

-Carol – East Troy, WI

“Comes out of the wash in perfect condition.  Every time.”

-Julie – Waterloo, IA

“Just wanted to check in and let you know that we love the wash-n-zip beds we purchased for our three dogs – they love them too!

I have attached some pics for you to use to demonstrate how comfy, and clean, the beds are.  I was looking for beds that can be washed.  Since we have three pups, it can get expensive buying new beds several times a year.  And, with the winter coming, it was important for me to have the ability to wash away all the dirt, snow and the smells that come along with them!  Thanks for the great product!”

-Rachel – Chicago, IL

“I actually found you through a Google search.  My puppy had gone to the bathroom on her first bed and I was sad to find that I couldn’t wash it.  I searched washable pet beds, and yours was the first one to pop up.  It was the versatility of it that sold me.

I have to say that this is the best customer service I have ever received on an on-line purchase!  I work in the customer service industry, so it is much appreciated and noticed.

Ruby loves her new bed!  We’ve already washed it, which was awesome. I love the way it turns into a blanket; it’s the perfect couch cover. Very well made!  I’ve been telling everyone about it.  Thank you!”

-Jessica – Jersey City, NJ

“We have the Wash and Zip pet bed, large for our German shepard and it’s the BEST bed EVER!! I was throwing out bed after bed as my cat would occasionally show her ire by peeing on the dog bed – all other pet beds you can wash the COVER – well, what about when the pee (always) seeps through the cover – you have to throw away the whole thing! Now all we have to do is throw the whole thing in the wash and VOILA! Clean and Fluffy all over again. We use it in the car when traveling with dog and the back seat stays clean. LOVE IT!! Have washed it DOZENS of times!”

-Nancy – The Villages, FL

“Thanks for the fabulous pet bed! It’s been so frustrating that I haven’t been able to find the perfect pet bed- until now.

My full size Aussie, Nick has started to show some wear and tear on his back hips, so I thought the Wash ‘n Zip would be really great for him.  He slept like an angel last night so you’re making Nick one happy guy.

My other Aussie, Sam is the boss around this house, so hopefully she won’t hog the bed to herself. If so, I’m sure I’ll be getting a second Wash ‘n Zip for the house.

Great construction, right amount of batting, great fabric- you guys really hit it out of the park!  It’s worth every penny! Just wish I would’ve discovered it sooner, it’s unbelievable how many cruddy and super expensive beds are out there. And you can’t wash them! Yuck.  Thanks for making two doggies that much happier. :)”

-Shelley – Lincoln, NE

“The beds arrived safe and sound, much to the joy of our dog and cats. Attached you will find pix of Eddy and Buster enjoying your bed. Our son’s dog loves it too, perhaps I’ll get pix of him on it later today.

We had to wash one because one of our cats saw the bed, and immediately peed on it. Yup. Brand new and peed on. Good news, it really does wash and dry just the way you say!  Thanks for a great product.”

-Sharon – Baltimore, MD

“I absolutely love this bed! Unzip and throw in wash and I’m done. No fussing with stuffing, bunching etc.  My dog Harry never really preferred sleeping on his dog bed until we got this one.  Now he is constantly snuggled on the bed.  He has 2 arthritic knees so the soft cushioning is just what he needs.  It’s a win/win for both of us! Great comfort for him and easy cleaning for me.”

-Rose – Gainesville, FL

“I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE these dog beds!  My dogs love them as well and sometimes the cats take them over too!  I’ve told all my dog friends and family members about them.  GREAT product!”

-Jaime – Tallulah, LA

“I purchased a bed about 3 months ago and my 3.5 yr old Golden Retriever LOVES it!!!! When I first received it, I put it in his crate and he did not want to come out(not even to eat). He stayed in his cage for at least 3 straight days. At first I thought he was sick, but then I realized he just loved the bed.  The maintenance is so easy; just unzip pop in washing machine/then dryer and it’s ready to head back to the crate. I have spent hundreds of dollars on dog beds and this one by far exceeds all!!!”

-Tyanna – Sauk Village, IL

“We love our pet bed.  Our dog sleeps on it in her crate. Last night,  she threw up on it . Just put the bed in the washer and dryer and it is back as good as new.  Makes it so easy for clean up.”

-Paul – Cheyenne, WY

“I am being completely honest in saying your beds are like an answered prayer. Having 7 dogs and 14 cats is just a bed nightmare for me.  I  am always looking for good beds. I have gone through so many of them and throw most of them out after a short time. There is no way to keep the stuffing from becoming soiled.

I see that I made a major mistake in not ordering more Wash ‘n Zips the first time around.  The cats have taken one of them. Folks are lining up to get a turn.  I am very pleased and will put flyers up at work and talk to my colleagues who have animals.”(and, over a year later): “I cannot tell you how much I love your beds. I have had mine for quite a while now. They look the same today. They wash so easy and I don’t know why but they spin to almost dry so I don’t waste a lot of dryer energy.  We loved them when they arrived but the real test is time and many washings. I have a rough and tumble household and have wasted money on beds for years that get thrown out. Thank you for these durable, much loved and used beds.”

-Victoria – Troutville, VA

“Being the cynic that I am, I tried out this bed and as a foster mom that does multiple shelter pulls of some very stinky dogs, it was put to a very tough test. It not only passed with flying colors but, I am already calculating the savings that I will have by not continually throwing out multiple beds because I can easily wash them!  The beauty of this product is that it easily zips apart and fits in a standard washer. This cuts down on so many things that I fight a daily battle with (fleas, dirt, dander, odor). Do yourself a favor and take the plunge.”

-Melanie – Greenville, SC

“Having had pets all my life, I have always had the “pet bedding” struggle.  Either you can only wash the outer lining (while the interior is saturated with odor), or it isn’t durable, or you can’t wash it at all.  It’s very frustrating and can cost tons of money to keep replacing beds.

Fortunately, the Wash’n Zip beds changed all of that.  They’re not only durable, practical, and stylish…but my dogs LOVE them!  They’re soft and cushy, fit in my crates, and wash up beautifully.  The ingenious design allows the bed to be a comforter or a pet bed and because you can unzip it, I can fit even the largest size in my washer and dryer.  I wish someone had thought of it sooner, but I absolutely love them!!”

-Michele, Veterinary Administrator – Longwood, FL

“The order arrived as you promised.  My dogs love their new beds and I love the fact that my car will no longer stink inside since these are fully washable yet provide a soft place to lay in their crates.  I show agility dogs and my dogs spend a lot of time in the car in their crates so padding was very important.  I’m so glad to get rid of our old, stinky foam crate mats!

Yesterday, after agility practice, one of my dogs threw up in his crate on the way home.  Just a little urp but made a wet mess in the crate.  I was so happy to have the new Wash ‘n Zip pet bed as the crate pad.  I pulled it out, threw it in the washer and dryer, and had a perfectly clean dry bed a little over an hour later.  I can’t believe how much better my car smells after getting rid of the old foam pads!

Thanks again for a great product!”

-Nancy – Ojai, CA

“We LOVE our lazy smelly English Bulldog but we have spent hundreds of dollars on beds that end up having an unwashable stink and/or were destroyed after only a couple of washings.  We’re glad we  found a bed that will hold up and get completely clean after numerous cycles in our washer & dryer.”

-Rebekah – Louisville, KY

“We love the bed that we have for our dogs and I bought two to give as gifts for friends and they like them too.  Your beds are terrific for those of us who do dog agility and other sports, as we go to a variety of locations and the beds and crate mats can get dirty. The Wash-n-Zip will clean easily in the washing machine. Also, very helpful for dogs recovering from surgery, sometimes accidents happen while the dog is sleeping off the effects of the anesthesia.  Such a great product!”

-Anne – Santa Barbara, CA

“I must say this because people are so quick to complain about companies but yet never take the time to praise them. I ordered this bed and within the first week the zipper broke. Since the bed cost so much, I did write and tell them. They wrote me back telling me another bed was already shipped and to keep the old one or donate to a shelter…that is what makes a great company and keeps customers coming back. I love the bed as does my puppy and with great customer service like that you will have great success…thank you so very much!”

-Nancy – Winnie, TX

“My dogs LOVE the bed. I bought it for my one lab since she sleeps on the floor and her old dog beds always got so dirty and smelly and were so difficult to wash.  Well my older lab who usually sleeps on the end of my bed, and has for 8 years, has decided that she wants the wash n zip bed for herself and keeps kicking my other dog off of it!!! So I definitely HAD to buy another. Thank you for making such a great product!!!”

-Brooke – Sussex, NJ

“After arriving home, I took inventory of my current dog beds and found that your idea for the dog bed is REALLY a SOUND and OUTSTANDING idea….just as you state, the entire bed can be cleaned/washed so there is absolutely NO residue of any accidents. I have already found this to be a real plus when it comes to house training my new puppies because they do not smell any of the previous accidents therefore are not attracted to a previously soiled bed. I have always wondered about a solution to the soiled bed filling/stuffing…Thanks for coming up with the great idea!   I think that your product is just what many of us needed and wanted. ”

-Sandra – Rosamont, CA

“These are the BEST! Attractive, versatile, washable…and obviously very comfortable – Daisy loves hers…Easy to clean and really nice quality make these Wash ‘n Zip Pet Beds wonderful for me and my babies! Absolutely GREAT for our senior dog — who needs some extra padding for her beddie-bye!   I bought my third Wash ‘n Zip bed this past Monday.  This one is for my rescue, Iggy, who is a little larger than my two Corgis – so I bought the medium.  Iggy LOVES her new bed!  THANK YOU for making these beds available to us, Stan!  These beds are nice and thick, wash extremely well, attractive and affordable.  Wash ‘n Zip beds are wonderful….wish I could tell everyone about them.”

-Bonnie – Longwood, FL

“I love the bed. Washes up great. My babies love them too!”

-Dr. Carole – Clermont, FL

“Best pet bed going. I have two and love them!”

-Carol – Orlando, FL

“Thank you for the personal note and really quick turn around. This order is actually a gift for my daughter’s new pup, Milo.

On another note I really do like your product. It’s well made … well designed … very easy to wash … and yes I do recommend to friends and family.”

-John – Orlando, FL

“I have had pets from birth! I am very active in the foster/rescue community and find myself constantly buying pet beds. A few weeks ago I decided to Google the most durable and easily washable pet beds. This is what I came up with. After looking at consumer reviews, I decided to give it a shot. I LOVE my Wash ‘n Zip pet bed!!!!! It’s so easy and comfy for the babies!! I had the pleasure of speaking to Stan, one of the owners. He was such a great guy! They have donated over $6,000 dollars to rescues. I wanted to recognize them for a great product and excellent customer service! Above and beyond! Thank you!!!!

-Kimberly – Cypress, TX

“I posted your video on my facebook page and passed it on to others to watch to purchase the most wonderful/durable pet bed. I have recently had to wash it a couple of times and it has held up great. I love it and my dog Mako loves it. Thank you for producing a nice product for our furry kids.”

-Missy – Orlando, FL

“My dogs are loving their new beds, But I love them more because they are fully washable!”

Dr. Martha, DVM

“LOVE your product. It’s everything you say it is and more!”

-Cherie – Montverde, FL

“We ordered a Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed a few months ago, after years of having to throw away multiple dog beds because they couldn’t be cleaned.  This is the first that I’ve seen that can easily be cleaned.  Our dog absolutely loves it.”

-Steve & Wendy – Tampa, FL

“I’ve attached a picture of Bandit that was taken about 15 seconds after I put his new bed on the floor, LOL.  We’re really happy with the quality of the bed.  This should be exactly what we need, since his beds tend to get unwanted attention from Levon, his main cat buddy, in the form of marking.  Just got done washing Bandit’s Wasn ‘n Zip for the second time- it’s wonderful! Everything you promised it would be.”

-Jennifer – Birmingham, AL

“I have had too many dog beds with only a zipper on one short side of the cover.  Bella, my 90 lb. golden had slept on a large bed, so it is really cumbersome and difficult to pull the padding out through the small opening on one end of the cover.  She has bad skin right now and I need to wash her cover often, and it is just ridiculous how long it takes me to pull it out and then put the cover back on.  I literally had to cut the foam on my previous bed!

Love the Wash ‘n Zip and so does Bella.  Wish I had known about these beds sooner.  Hate those foam filled things!  I ordered another of your beds so that we have one in our vacation home for her.  Other beds are getting donated!”

Nancy – Orinda, CA

“These beds are great! Jack is in LOVE with his. Easy, easy to clean!”

-Leslie – Jacksonville, FL

“Last year, I bought the Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed for my son’s dog, Ziggy.  My son is a college student and Ziggy lives with him, near the school campus.  This pet bed is wonderful because it is easy to travel from his apartment to our home.  Ziggy sleeps on the same bed every night.  It is so simple to clean–and very durable.    We love it! Thank you!!”

-Cindy -Murrells Inlet, SC

“I love my Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed!! I would always spend $50.00 and then throw the beds away when they got messy. This bed washes easily and my doggies love it!!! Thank you Stan for creating such a great product!”

-Stacy – Melbourne, FL

“I got the extra large for my Greyhounds and use it mostly in the studio and they play musical bed to see which one of them is going to get to sleep on it.  They all ADORE it!!!!

I like the fact that it is multi-purpose. So easily portable – it could well be “Place” for those of you training  dogs.  This past week I have used it unfolded to give a soft cushion in the back of my van when I have the knobby kneed, long-legged Greys out for a ride.  I have also used it as a couch cover in its unfolded state.  I think it is brilliant for the older incontinent dogs – where bedding needs to be frequently washed.

It is SO easy to use and move about – my other big dog beds are very much heavier and if one of them has an accident or chews something messy or throws up I have to wrestle off the cover and then the inside still has a smell. Usually the insides are NOT washable.  Then you have to wrestle the cover back ON again.  I adore the simplicity of this Wash ‘n Zip.   A really good new product and I wanted to share the information with you.”

-Kate -West Palm Beach, FL

“We have discovered that some clients of ours have come up with an amazing idea! Stan and Jennifer Pelz were tired of pet beds that were either unwashable or only part washable. They have come up with this brilliant product called the Wash’n Zip Pet Bed. It is a comfortable pet bed that unzips all the way to fit like a comforter in your washing machine. Several employees here have purchased these beds from them and have been completely satisfied. We keep a sample here in the clinic if you want to come by and check it out.”

-Longwood Veterinary Clinic

“I purchased a ‘Wash-N-Zip-Pet-Bed’ a few months ago and our pup has been hooked ever since! This pet bed is used in the crate, and on-the-go with amazingly easy care required. Unzip and toss in the washer…done. No hand scrubbing! Recently we had a small issue with the zipper. Contacted the company, and within 24 hours had a replacement bed on my door-step! Amazing company, with amazing customer service. Thanks again!”

-Joseph – Oviedo, FL

“Hi Stan – the bed is a big hit!  I nonchalantly threw the bed on my bed and left the room. Walked in my bedroom 5 minutes later and Tucker was fast asleep on his new bed. He hasn’t moved for over 2 hrs!

I’m very impressed with quality of the bed and now see why it’s more expensive than most beds. Seeing it online doesn’t totally do it justice. ”

-Sandra – Winter Park, FL

“They’re great!  I’m replacing all my beds with them as the old ones wear out.”

-Justin – Santa Clarita, CA

“I wanted you to know how much Daisy likes her new bed.  In the past it has taken several days for her to use any new bed we purchased.  With your bed she got right on it and seems to really like it.  Plus, we enjoy the convenience of being able to wash it regularly.  Thank you for the great dog bed.”

-Cody – Longwood, FL

“The dogs and I (since I’m the one that washes the beds!) love the beds.   So easy to wash! I dreaded the old thick pillow like beds!!!   Great fast service!  Scout the boxer pit rarely gets off his!  This evening they didn’t want to stay on the front porch w me and watch the rain!  After a few moments they went to the front door wanting back inside.  and back on their beds.”

-Drema – Belmont, NC

“I posted a pic of Chester on your FB page, I can’t get him off the bed, he loves it!  He has turned into a couch potato!  What a great idea.  We were just buying pillows and throwing them away.”

-Starr – Jacksonville, FL

“After the stuffing blew out on not one, BUT TWO of my other cheap-o dog beds, I decided to buy our 2nd Wash ‘n Zip bed.  All of my 4-legged friends seem to enjoy the first Wash ‘n Zip we bought, so one by one, we’ll replace our old dog bedding with new Wash ‘n Zip beds from now on.”

-Jessica – Jacksonville, FL

“I LOVE the beds…and my great Pyranees REALLY loves it…finally a bed big enough for her and washable for me!  Thanks so much…really appreciate your customer service.  I’m actuallly excited to wash them 🙂 ”

Joan – Oviedo, FL

“We have a 105 lb. chocolate lab, so we bought an XL Wash’n Zip bed. It was time to wash it and I was a bit unsure of how easy it would be. What a pleasant surprise! After a quick vacuum of the bed, placed it in the washer, then dryer, and it came out clean, fresh, and in excellent condition. I’ll have no more concern about washing our dog bed. Excellent product.”

-Ken – Jacksonville, FL

“Bed arrived today… very impressed with the quality.  Clyde dove right in nose first for an intense once over with the “Sniffer,” passed inspection and he settled right in like he’s had it forever…Thank you so much for the personal attention you’ve given us.”

-Wally – Lakewood, OH

“Shipping pet beds to Doha, Qatar, isn’t an easy task, but after reading the great reviews and suffering with smelly pet beds (no matter how often the covers are washed), we took the plunge and ordered them for our three big, spoiled dogs. They are fabulous. The dogs love them and they wash very well. Would definitely recommend.”

-Sarah – Doha, Qatar

“I love your product!  I can’t remember how long ago it was that I ordered the last one but I have a 2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback that is pretty rough on it and I wash it at least once a week and it is still in good shape.  I just ordered another one for my 9 year old Pug /Shih Tzu mix.  I Hope that you keep making and selling them. Thank you.”

-Christine – Clermont, FL

” I love this bed as does our Sierra. She’s’ a 15 month old pure bred lab and chews on anything new. From beds to toys to plants to the drip sprinkler system. We’ve gone through 4 beds that have lasted anywhere from a week to 4 months. This is the first bed she hasn’t tried to rip apart after the first hour. I think we have a keeper here. She really is a mellow and well behaved dog, but just likes to chew on things.”

-Richard – Folsom, CA

“Just got this bed and my 3 dogs LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I will be back …to buy more. Thank you Muttville Senior Dog Rescue for letting me know about it. So plush and makes so much sense!”

-Barbra – San Francisco, CA

“I chose to throw out my last dog bed when I found a tick. Today I found one and all I had to do was Wash and zip. Brilliant. Amazing. And saved me money and time.”

-Michelle – Parkland, FL

“I bought my first Wash ’n Zip in Gainesville, FL at Earth Pets on 10th Avenue. It’s time to replace my other dog beds and I decided to order Wash ’n Zip because I LOVE how easy it is to wash them. My Orvis beds are great, but it’s labor intensive to take them apart and reassemble them after they are washed. I find I keep the beds clean (and my house smells clean) when the dog beds are washed frequently :). Thanks for your great product.”

-Christy – Gainesville, FL

“Just got 3 Wash’n Zip Pet Beds here in Maui, Hawaii.  First one went surface mail and we all thought it was lost. Stan sent another large and a small by UPS so I could get them right away. LOVE them! now several weeks later the first one showed up. Chica can now sleep in both the living room and bedroom and my small dog Mocha is happy on hers as well. Stan was amazing, sending me first hand emails all along the way. Not only is this bed wonderful, Stan was personal, concerned and professional every step of the way. I am so impressed with the whole operation and the product! Bravo!”

-Anne – Maui, HI

“The minute the Wash ‘N Zip bed arrived and I opened the box, my long-haired dachshund Hoagie was all over it!!!!  He loves it!!!!  I am so happy to have finally found a product that is 100% washable – I have had to throw so many beds away in the past.  Thank you for creating a product that meets such a huge need with pet owners.  I definitely will be getting the word out about your product and how happy I am.  The Wash ‘N Zip bed  is definitely Hoagie approved!!!!”

-Meg – Mount Olive, NC

“I purchased one of your zip and wash dog beds and wanted to leave a review but couldn’t find a way to do so. We love the bed and so does our dog. It’s worth the money for sure! Our house smells better because once it gets the doggy smell we just through it in the wash. Our other beds either had filling or foam that continued to smell even after the cover was washed. Thanks for making a great product.”

-Shirley L.

“This is such a great product.  As my corgi has aged, I have spent lots of money on different dog beds .  None could I wash easily, and some I couldn’t wash at all.  The wash n zip bed washes and dries with no problem.  Folding is a breeze; the zipper works smoothly.  Plus, the bed is thick and cushy, just right for my dog.  As soon as I saw how much my dog liked the bed, I ordered another.  I don’t plan to buy another kind of dog bed — ever.”

-Margaret – Falls Church, VA

“I first heard of Wash ‘n Zip from Clean Run a few years ago. I bought a medium Wash ‘n Zip for my Border Collie, and found many uses for it. So this order is my second purchase—a bigger one this time, for my Rhodesian Ridgeback. You have a great product and I wish you many years of success!”

-Barbara – Covelo, CA

“I just took my dog’s Wash ‘n Zip out of the dryer for the hundredth time. I originally purchase the bed for the normal reason – convenience. A few months later my dog experienced a back injury and was confined to her crate for 8 weeks. After encasing your bed in a plastic bag, wrapped in polar fleece it was part of the “fresh bed rotation”. The small bed fit a small crate perfectly. The fact that it could be stuffed in the washer & dryer was wonderful. Even a plastic bag will eventually allow the scent if urine to seep through, but the fact I could deal with that made everything easier. It was wonderfully, dries quick and the zipper is easy to work.

I love it and so does my dog. I can’t say enough good things.  THANK YOU.”

-Mary Lou – Memphis, TN