In developing and designing our Wash‘n Zip Pet Bed, we elected to focus on quality in order to provide our customers with a reliable, sturdy product that is built to last.  Because it features rugged materials, quality stitching, and a heavy duty zipper, it should withstand dozens of cycles in your washer and dryer.

Jennifer and I still use our original Wash‘n Zip Pet Bed for our dog, Looloo.   It’s over 3 years old and has been through the washer & dryer countless times!

Your Wash‘n Zip Pet Bed features multiple layers of fluffy cushion, so your pet will love how comfortable it feels.  The top layer is made of a soft, plush material that your pet will find warm and cozy.

The inside consists of sheets of polyester batting (many dog beds are stuffed with loose filling…that’s why they get lumpy when laundered) which is sewn into the seams and box-stitched which holds the interior padding in place.  This keeps the Wash ‘n Zip from getting lumpy and disfigured, so your bed will keep its original shape over time.  The quality zipper slides easily, so reassembling is fast and effortless.
Because you can easily launder your entire Wash‘n Zip Pet Bed, it is absolutely THE cleanest pet bed on the market.  It’s especially useful if your pets suffers from incontinence.